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Affect vs. Effect Quiz- Guess the Right Word

In English, there are some words that sound similar when you pronounce but have different meanings. Also, they are different in form of usage. Affect and effect are these two words that pronounce somewhat similar but have different usages with meaning. Here is the affect vs. effect quiz to practice free.

We are also providing the affect vs. effect worksheet to download.

Affect vs. Effect Meaning

What is the rule of affect and effect? People want to know the answer to the question. For this, it is important to understand the meaning of affect vs. effect.

Affect is a “Verb” it means an influence on someone or something. It means causing a change in something or someone.

Effect is a “Noun” it means a result of a particular influence.

Affect vs. Effect Examples or Affect vs. Effect in Sentences

Draught is the effect of deforestation. (Means, drought is the result of deforestation.)

I take tablets for the headache, but it doesn’t have any effect. (Means, it doesn’t have any result or is not effective.)

Her divorce has affected the lives of her children. (Means, her divorce has influenced the lives of her children.)

He was deeply affected by the life of Abraham. (Means, strong feeling)

Affect vs. Effect Trick

Will it affect me or effect me?

Place the correct answer.

The trick is that- Affect is a verb and effect is a noun. When you change the sentence from interrogative to a simple sentence-

It will affect me or it will effect me.

Affect is a verb which is coming right after a verb (will), so the correct answer is-

It will affect me.